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Want to learn how EatLove works? Click on the image above to direct you to the How EatLove Works video!

Ilene featured by EatLove! This customized meal planning software is an exciting new approach to personalized recipes. Read below to see what Ilene and her clients have to say about how great it is! 

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The mission of PranaSpirit Nutrition & Wellness is to use the tools of nutrition therapy, mindfulness, and yoga to help people reach their goals and achieve optimal health and life balance. We work with clients using an integrative, customized approach that takes into account their lifestyle, goals, tastes, preferences, and health conditions. 



After struggling with unresolved digestive issues for years, I reached out to Ilene for guidance. Based on my symptoms, she recommended the FODMAPs approach, which has been proven to help those with IBS. Ilene coached me through the FODMAPs approach, which is very complex, regimented and precise. This is not a diet that you can follow on your own......



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