Q - Do you accept insurances for nutrition therapy visits?


A -  We are currently in-network with the following insurance plans:

  • Cigna

  • Medicare

  • Emblem Health HIP

  • United Healthcare

  • Oxford Freedom Plan

  • Aetna 

  • American Specialty Health Network. 


 If you have other insurance, you may be eligible for out-of-network nutrition therapy coverage. You can call your insurance company for an explanation of the insurance coverage associated with your policy. Ilene also accepts HSA cards and flex spending cards. Some questions to ask when calling your insurance company are:


  - If visits with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist are covered under your plan

   - Which diagnoses, if any, are covered

   - The maximum number of visits allowed for a given period of time

   - If a physician referral is required for a nutrition visit

   - If you have a deductable and if so, what is it and if it has been met

   - What your copay or coinsurance is per visit 


Q - How long is an initial and follow up nutrition session?  

A -  An initial nutrition session is 60-90 minutes and a follow up is either 45 or 60 minutes, depending on your goals. 








Q - How long is a yoga private session and how frequently is practice recommended to see benefits? 


A -  A yoga private session typically lasts for 60 minutes. How often you have a yoga private session is completely up to you. Some people schedule 2 private sessions/week and others prefer to space out their private sessions to 2 sessions per month, or as needed. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Also, practicing at home in between sessions is strongly recommended. A home practice does not have to be long! Even just one or a few poses can be beneficial. Even advanced yoga practitioners differ in the amount of time they practice day to day. 

Q - How frequently are follow up nutrition appointments scheduled?


A - Follow up visit frequency is case dependant. At our initial session we will figure out what works best in terms of the time frame for follow up visits depending on your condition. The average time between visits is 2 - 4 weeks. Also, the number of follow up sessions will depend on your condition, progression and needs. Some people may require 1-3 visits, while others may need ongoing visits. 

Q - What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

A - According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Commision on Dietetic Registration, "Every Registered Dietitian is a Nutritionist, but not every Nutritionist is a Registered Dietitian".  Registered Dietitians are required to have met certain educational and professional requirements, including a minimum of a bachelors degree with coursework in nutrition science, 1200 hours of supervised practice through an accredited dietetic internship program, and must pass a national registration exam. In March, 2013, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and CDR approved the optional use of the credential RDN, which stands for Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. It communicates that RDs are qualified to treat medical conditions through Medical Nutrition Therapy as well as provide nutritional counseling focused on wellness and prevention.