We are excited to announce our new 8-week group: Rest & Digest: 8-week yoga, meal planning & culinary immersion, where we will be combining our love of yoga with our love of food! In this program, we will be offering 8 yoga classes, 1 cooking session, 1 supermarket tour, and 1 potluck session. As a member of this group you will also get a subscription to EatLove, a customized meal planning platform that offers a myriad of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Once you sign up for prescriptive eating plan services, you will receive meal plans personalized to your medical conditions, allergies, taste preferences and beliefs - all tailored to your lifestyle with EatLove.

EatLove saves you money as you find health through food, and teaches you to cook the eating plan that promotes your wellbeing.

Here’s how it works - One of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at PranaSpirit will type up a Nutrition Prescription (Nutrition Rx), the eating plan optimal for your personal health profile, medical conditions (if any), food allergies and health goals. EatLove personalizes that Nutrition Rx to you to suit your lifestyle, beliefs, taste preferences and skills in the kitchen.


You will receive:

• Daily personalized meal plans to achieve your health goals with the ability to flexibly swap in and out as your schedule changes

• Tested, tasty and easy to follow recipes (with access to the EatLove database of over 3300 recipes, each vetted by a dietitian)

• Advanced food prep scheduling to save you time and make cooking at home as easy and as fun as it should be

• Smart grocery lists optimized for food waste that save you money and make whipping through the store a breeze

• Online grocery fulfillment through AmazonFresh where available.


EatLove further facilitates meal planning and preparation by allowing you to checkout grocery items, such as the recipe ingredients, to bring the list to the supermarket or to even have them delivered right to your door! The experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at PranaSpirit Nutrition & Wellness are excited to work closely with you as they will recommend your individualized meal plan directly on EatLove.


In addition to our yoga sessions, led by Ilene Cohen, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & IAYT-certified yoga therapist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists will be facilitating recipe swaps, giving you the chance to both familiarize yourself with other great recipes found on EatLove, as well as to hear what other participants have found helpful. So bring your favorite recipe from EatLove to our recipe swap sessions! 


Need help navigating the labyrinth-like supermarket? We have a supermarket tour included in this program! We will encourage you to bring your EatLove grocery list while we show you how to shop for food the smart way. We will also cover label reading to show how different brands for one product vary in their ingredients.


This program is a great way to discuss meal planning, so come join us in our exciting and engaging new Yoga Meal Planning Group: Rest & Digest!