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Supermarket Tours 

Ilene will meet you at your local supermarket to help guide you in learning what your options are. Whether you are following a gluten-free or low FODMAPs diet, have diabetes, are the parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes, have kidney disease, are pregnant, vegetarian or vegan, or just want some guidance at the supermarket, you're in for a healthy treat! Supermarket tours last approximately 2 hours, are jam packed with information, and take place in NYC and some areas of the Bronx and Queens. Tours include written educational materials about food safety in the supermarket, brand name shopping tips with nutrient information, ingredients tip sheets and more. Contact Ilene for pricing. HSA/Flex spending cards are accepted for supermarket tours. A supermarket tours can be combined with any or all of the following services: pantry makeover, recipe makeover, menu assessment and guidance. Packages are available for multiple services. 


Recipe Makeover

Bring your favorite recipes and Ilene will modify them for you to make them both delicious and healthy! A PDF redisign of your favorite recipe and nutrient analysis is included for an additional fee. 


Pantry Makeover

Ilene will go through your refrigerator, pantry and kitchen and provide recommendations. From soup to nuts (no pun intended!) Ilene will help you create a food shopping list in preparation for the next time you go food shopping. Pantry makeover can be combined with any of the following services: supermarket tour, recipe makeover, menu assessment and guidance. Contact Ilene for pricing. HSA/flex spending accounts accepted.  


Menu assessment and guidance

Do you order take in often due to a busy work schedule and want advice on making the best choices? Do you dine out often for business or pleasure and have questions about the menus? Show Ilene your favorite restaurant menus and she will help you select the healthiest options for the cuisine of your choice. Ilene is familiar with cuisine from various cultures, including Mexican, Spanish (Spain), Latin, Italian, Cuban, Indian, Asian: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Ethiopian, and more.