Nutrition Support Groups

Meal Support Group

“Add on” to Individual Nutrition Services or Outpatient Group for additional support

Meal support is food exposure in which we can focus on the anxiety triggered by the fear food. Pre- meal process is where the dietitian will ask the client to rate their anxiety on a scale of 0-10 before eating the fear food. The dietitian will also help the client sent an intention around the meal. Post meal process the dietitian will discuss again with the client anxiety levels and whether they met their intention or not. As the client continues facing their fear foods in a therapeutic way, their anxiety around food will decrease.

Mindful Eating Nutrition Therapy and Support Group

These will be an 8-week series of group nutrition therapy sessions focusing on different topics including mindful eating exercises, body scan meditations, the hunger scale, intuitive eating, breathing and guided visualizations, gentle and restorative yoga, and more! Lead by Ilene Cohen, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & IAYT-certified yoga therapist and associate RDN/yoga teachers.  We will have an introductory offer for these groups too - stay tuned for more information.