Even though I tried eating healthy and exercising vigorously, I found that I was gaining a few pounds every year once I turned thirty.  Several years passed and I put on a total of twenty pounds of extra weight.  Ilene helped me to find a dietary balance that brought me get back to health without feeling tired or undernourished.  A big part of her mission was to understand the rhythms of my life before making any suggestions.  After a thoughtful and attentive consultation, Ilene helped me put together an eating plan and exercise schedule that has since generated positive, healthy energy in my life, and I lost a total of 12 pounds since my first visit with her.  I highly recommend having someone as capable and affirming as Ilene encouraging you along! ~ Nutrition client          


After struggling with unresolved digestive issues for a couple of years, I reached out to Ilene for guidance. Based on my symptoms, she recommended the FODMAPs approach, which has been proven to help those with IBS. Ilene coached me through the FODMAPs approach, which is very complex, regimented and precise. This is not a diet you can follow on your own since it's new, many foods are still being scientifically tested for problematic carbohydrates and there is much conflicting information on the internet. Thanks to Ilene's expertise with the FODMAPs approach, we were able to determine just which foods were problematic and at what thresholds and which combinations. Now armed with this information, I can enjoy food without any symptoms! ~ Nutrition client

While digestive disorders are complicated, Ilene quickly identified multiple dietary and metabolic issues. She created a detailed nutrition plan that complemented my tastes and lifestyle. With her ongoing support and counsel, I continue to improve and feel great!   ~~ Nutrition Client


"Tutoring with Ilene was truly informing and beneficial. She helped me with my nutrition assignment that included calculations and writing an ADIME note. Ilene helped me through the assignment and get through areas I found difficult. She explains things thoroughly and concisely that really helped me. She even goes above and beyond to include extra information and details that can be helpful. Her fun and vivacious personality also made the tutoring session enjoyable. I will definately work with her again in the future and would recommend her to anybody else interested in using her services." Sarah Greene, Student at Cuny Lehman


Good de-stressing techniques today. I enjoy the restorative calmness of yoga. Thanks, Ilene.  ~~ Annie K. 

How yoga made my recent cancer diagnosis and treatment more positive and effective 


Going to yoga classes during the time frame that included my weekly chemo sessions helped to keep me focused on the positive aspects of my life.  My body responded to the exercises, and put my mind at ease, especially during the meditation/relaxation portion of the sessions.  


My instructor Ilene customized some of the poses for me so that I ws able to get the most out of the hourly classes without causing any side effects.  I continued these weekly classes right up to the surgery, so that my body was in the best shape it could be.  After a 6 week period of recuperation, I was able to go back to yoga and with Ilene's help and alternative poses, I was able to participate fully in the classes.   ~~ Paula - a cancer survivor and yoga enthusiast














I have done yoga for several years now and Ilene is by far the best teacher I know.  She teaches yoga with a holistic approach of relaxation combined with detailed correction of poses.  Her knowledge of how to achieve the accurate pose is conveyed to the class with helpful hints and respect for the individual needs each student may have.  At the end of her class we all have a smile and a great sense of well being. Thank you Ilene!  ~~ Phyllis Westreich